Thursday, October 9, 2008

2002 e825 charger update

I am in the process of making the switch from Trojan flooded batteries to Deka 831 sealed Gel cell in my 2002 e825. After a post on the yahoo nev group I found out that some NG1 Zivan chargers can charge both chemistries and some require an update. Up until recently Gel batteries were an optional upgrade on Gems, flooded Trojans were standard equipment.

An easy way to tell if your charger is capable of charging both chemistries is to remove the gray dash top piece - the part with the cup holders and see if your charger has a selector switch. It comes out via 2 screws in the motor compartment. Below is a picture of the charger in my 2002 e825.

The cleaned black disc in the picture - the area where the dust has been removed is where the switch cover would be. This charger did not have the switch and required an update.

I spoke with Zivan and they said an update would be between $130-$170 And that it would be 4-6 weeks to complete. They also offer an expedite feature for $20 extra to complete it in 2-3 days. I paid the extra $20 and got the charger back in just over a week. It was $128 out the door. My initial contact with Elcon (the Zivan US rep) was via email then a phone call to confirm everything before shipping.

This update also includes a 7/14 day auto on timer for both types of batteries. This makes the charger switch on automatically after 7 or 14 days so the life of the battery is maintained while the Gem is not in use. This was an issue that basically killed the batteries in my GEM before I bought it.

The picture at left shows the same NG1 charger after the update. A switch has been added and a stick on cover has been added covering the switch. Additionally 2 white stickers have been placed on the cover of the charger indicating the update and settings for the charger.

Under the new cover a multi position selector switch is used to choose between a GEL or wet battery. To change between battery types one selects "C" for Gel batteries or "F" for flooded/wet batteries. (see photo below)

That's all there is to it.

The benefits of the update are:
  • Ability to change between battery types and keep the same charger
  • Self start up timer to automatically reengage charger as to prolong battery life when not in use over an extended period of time
  • Better updated charging curve for the specific battery type and brands


jlcoss said...

I just bought a 2001 e825 that has AGM batteries that need to be replaced. I'm debating whether to get Trojan flooded batteries or Deka gel. (The charger has already been modified.) Have you been happy with the Deka gels that you bought?

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